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Manufacturer: Radar Express

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  • Higher sensitivity in all bands
  • Exceptional response detects a POP (single pulse) signal used by the fastest police units
  • The frequency of image “FrequencyHarmonic” is narrow, so the likelihood of false alerts is minimal
  • Remote sensing range, reaching to 2200 meters giving enough time to react
  • Built-in “High-gain” amplifier capable of detecting and the weakest radar / laser signal
  • There is no wrong identification of the frequency band where a very strong signal
  • Undetectable for all VG-2 and Specters

Radar frequencies:

  • (X) Band: 10.475∼10.575GHz
  • (K) Band: 23.950∼24.300GHz
  • (Ka) Band: 33.400∼36.000GHz
  • (L) Laser: all lasers
  • The range of models in “Stelth” is expanded with: (± 0,050Ghz в X Band) and (± 0,175Ghz в K Band)

GPS Technology:

  • Highly sensitive GPS module.
  • Precision Antenna precision of 2-3 m.
  • Connecting a satellite to 40 seconds.
  • “Burning” start within 10 seconds.
  • Add warning desired position by holding the button City / HWY.

Updating the Database.

GPS positions in Bulgaria and Europe with voice, sound and visual notification ofthe following obstacles along the way:

  • “Stationary cameras speedometer”
  • “Possible police planted a mobile radar”
  • “Areas under video surveillance – beginning and end of the area”
  • “Bus lanes under video surveillance”
  • “Stationary police posts”
  • “Possible positions of mobile cameras speedometer”

Included in Stelth RG300 was added CD disc containing a program to updatethe firmware, database and voice messages.


  • A color digital display that gives information about the instantaneous vehicle speed and the distance to the possible danger (wait with a radar, camera, etc.) +clock.
  • Programmable menu allows switching of each function.
  • Feature lighting display: dark, bright.
  • City (c) and highway mode (h). * The City (c) mode sensitivity drops by 5dB.
  • (X) Band – On/Off
  • (K) Band – On/Off
  • (Ka) Band – On/Off
  • (Laser) Band – On/Off
  • Text messages – On/Off
  • Change the language and voice messages – On/Off (Bulgarian,English,Russian, German, Hungarian, Czech)
  • It is possible to add voice messages to another language.
  • Delete the desired positions.

Ability to update the software database and voice messages in case of change.Renovation program via the USB port.

Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8.


  • 12V cord.
  • Stand for glass.
  • USB cable to update.
  • CD disc.
  • Dimensions: 80mm/55mm/25mm.
  • Weight: 320 gr.

2 years warranty

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