Stelth RG79HTLS Set Laser...


  • New “Defense X – Max” Technology.
  • 4 Laser eyes with the highest sensitivity and precision in the laser range.
  • The laser eye has four high-sensitivity receiving diodes and one Osram diode with a power of 75Mw.
  • Individually developed Firmware for detecting “ARH S1 Laser tripod system” and “MEDAR MTS Laser System” (Police laser tripod cameras) providing minimal false signals.
  • The system is not excited by the laser beam of the safety systems of some car models using – DISTRONIC Control (Active Distance Assistant), BSM Detection (Active Dead Zone Assistant).
  • Detection angle below 45 degrees.
  • Accessories made of highly permeable LEXAN material.
  • The system includes: HUB, 4 Laser sensors, 2 short and 2 long cables for installation, 12V power cable and stands.
  • The laser system can be connected via a USB cable to the RG79HT radar detector and managed from the radar main menu.

The price includes specialized installation (about 3 hours)


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