Radar Express was founded in 1998 in Sofia BULGARIA, and before that we were known as the company “Radar Detectors – Export Import”. As a trading company at the time, we had extensive experience in the sale, marketing and distribution of anti-police radar systems manufactured at the time by other companies that no longer existed.

With the launch of our new company, we were motivated to create high-tech and innovative products without competition in the market. To achieve our lofty goals, we have cooperated with a world-renowned and proven partner “factory-developer” of radar-laser and GPS / GSM systems, located in Seoul, South Korea.

In order to provide maximum protection from the police radar-laser systems for the car, we assign assignments – projects to our partners, tailored to the functions of the current police devices used by the traffic police in different countries, adjusting and changing the settings so that the functions of our devices to oppose police radar laser systems as much as possible.
Our high-tech and creative products guarantee quality, efficiency and reliability compared to others on the market.
We are proud to be creative, adaptable and to benefit our customers when they are on the road!