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Now we have created a device that unites the most valuable qualities of the devices constructed so far in this area.

* “StelthRG” radar and GPS system is undetectable to police scanners.

* Detects all speed cameras (Bulgaria and EU), warns of areas under video surveillance and possible police ambush on the road.

* Excellent sensitivity in radar / laser range – enough time to react.

* Voice alerts on the Bulgarian, English, German, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Greaca, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish  and Romanian. We can add additional language that you want.

Summary advantages of “StelthRG”:

  • Best sensitivity for all Bands of police radar and laser devices, giving you enough time to react.
  • Easy and quick installation. Wireless technology.
  • Use database for the positions of speed cameras on roads in Bulgaria and Europe.

What is “StelthRG” Radar and Wireless GPS system)?

“Stelth” is a warning system for vehicles including radar detector module, GPS Module with the degree of precision positioning antenna and voice module.

  1. Radar unit. Has the highest sensitivity in radar and laser range previously designed and tested with SSG (Signal Source Generator) as in “shooting” in the “single pulse” (POP) and the continuous radiation. It is waterproof and is designed for cars with shielded (in the windscreen is integrated thin-film lead wire, which reduces the sensitivity of the radar detector mounted inside the body) and windscreens for cars with normal glass. Normal radar detectors intended for installation in the vehicle and use power from 12V cigarette lighter, hard or do not respond to police radar. Therefore, the radar module “StelthRG” is designed to be mounted both inside and outside the body of the car. It is waterproof.

Does the “StelthRG” installation by authorized service and can you move the system in other cars?

Yes, this system requires installation. Once installed in a car it stays there until you remove it and move to another car.

  1. GPS interface module. This is a device where the entire system is managed and has several entrances and exits.

2.1 USB input is provided for update system. This includes changing the firmware, voice messages and the database with the positions of speed cameras and possible police traps on the road.

In the case of “StelthRG” was added to the disc programming software and explain how to perform system updates.

2.2 GPS antenna input, which connect the GPS antenna and interface module. The length of the antenna cable is about 2 meters, and antenna itself is a magnet for attaching to metal surfaces.

2.3 Button for increasing and decreasing volume.

2.4 Inputs to power LED lighting front and rear license plate (optional).

2.5 Menu control interface module. In the program menu system can manage the following functions:

  • Frequency: X Band – On / Off, K Band – On / Off, Ka Band – On / Off, Laser – On / Off.
  • Add the desired position, as a warning.
  • Add no desired position, detektvani of radar module.
  • Vibrating function.
  • Light On / Off.
  • Supports Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
  1. Voice Module.

It has built-in speaker and visual signaling LED diodes. One LED (green) shows the relationship between the satellite and “StelthRG.” While flashing LED connection is still not achieved between the “StelthRG” and satellites. Currently, a green LED light up connection has been fulfilled and you will hear a voice message  – “GPS connected.”

Another diode (blue) signals in the presence of police radars and speed cameras along the road. When you start flashing you will hear voice messages and what to expect danger to you on the road.

We recommend that the voice module is mounted to the windshield to the rear view mirror.

“StelthRG” has 2 (two) year warranty.

Package includes:

  • Radar-Module.
  • GPS-Module.
  • Voice-Module.
  • Interface cable.
  • GPS antenna.
  • USB cable.
  • Mounting commodity and bus.
  • CD software.
  • Connectors.

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